A Positive Year End Review

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A Positive Year End Review

It’s hard to believe that this year is ending. It’s the time to enjoy the magic of the holiday season. A time to be with the people in your life that you love. Enjoy the beautiful holiday lights and the trees around the cities and towns you live in. No matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs are these things are so beautiful to look at! It is also a time to enjoy the magical, cozy holiday foods and drinks that come around once a year. Gingerbread, eggnog, yule logs, panettone, roasted chestnuts, hot chocolate, latke, sufganiyah the list goes on and on.
You may be thinking oh I cannot possibly have any of these goodies listed above. You absolutely can! Remember a happy, healthy life is all about balance and enjoyment. Think about the words relish and savor! The difference is you don’t have to binge on these things, you don’t have to eat these things multiple days in a row. Enjoy them when they are around. At a holiday party, a holiday dinner. Enjoy a small piece. Allow yourself to have whatever you want. Don’t forget when you are eating things that you normally don’t eat or don’t allow yourself to have eat them in gratitude. Thank you, X, for being here. You taste so good. I am so happy that I can savor and relish you this holiday season. Now you may think what? That sounds silly but it’s not. Your body knows when you are being kind to it and when you are shaming it. Our body also knows when we are in joy and congratulating it. When we are sweet to ourselves our body become regulated. It stays in rest and relaxation. Your body release happy chemicals like dopamine and serotonin and oxytocin. All the feel-good chemicals. 
With all the beauty and positivity, the holidays can bring I really want you to stay in that. Instead of thinking in a negative way such as, “Oh wow it’s the end of the year and I have not done X or Y.” Turn your thoughts around into the positive and really look back on the year and see all that you have accomplished. How much you have grown. What have you learned about yourself? Flip the switch into the positive self-talk. Something that may sound like, “Wow, look at all I have done this year. How much I have grown and how much I have learned. This is such a blessing. Now what would I like to add for next year?” See how kind this is and gentle compared to the former? When we are unkind, when we shame ourselves, once again, our body knows it and it becomes dysregulated. Our nervous system becomes affected and chemicals that don’t make us feel so great are released. Such as Cortisol and Adrenalin.
Make a list of all that you have done this year, even the small acts of kindness you may have done. Look them over and be proud of you. Now look to next year and what layers would you like to add? More self-care? More kindness to not only others but to yourself? Leaning something new such as taking an art class? Starting therapy for self-discovery and finding your joy? The sky is the limit!! Get creative!
Start out with this holiday season and bring into the new year being kind to you. Appreciation of you. Being proud of you and all you are and all that you do. What a beautiful gift to give yourself! Remember, when you are in joy and taking care of yourself, others know it. They will feel it and it will be contagious.
Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Love, Peace & Happiness!
Kirsten Louise Cantley

Kirsten Louise Cantley
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