Best way to use CBD

Best Ways To Use CBD

I am such a proponent of CBD that I created my own line. I wanted to create beautiful products made with the highest integrity to make people feel great!!!!! With Lotus Hemp Company you know exactly what is in it and I always make sure it is third party tested ( meaning someone besides me, totally not related to my company tests it ) to make sure you know you are receiving the best!!!!


Best ways to use my products are:

The Salve: This is a great pain reliever to put on any part of your body that hurts. Terrific to also use as a pre and post-workout.

The Tincture & Gummies: These oral products are amazing for depression, anxiety, sleep. They calm the chatty mind. You receive calm with all the clarity. They are also an excellent immune booster and aide with brain cell protection.

Massage Oil: This is excellent to soothe those achy joints and muscles and brings you to a deep state of relaxation during a massage.

Luxurious Lube: Using CBD lube is amazing! It increases sensitivity, increases relaxation, brings on a heightened and stronger sensation during orgasms, and decreases any pain that can accompany penetrative sex.



Kirsten Louise Cantley
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