Five Things To Do To Get Ready For Spring

Kirsten Cantleyself-care Five Things To Do To Get Ready For Spring
Kirsten Cantley | Blog: Five Things To Do To Get Ready For Spring

Five Things To Do To Get Ready For Spring

We tend to get ready for spring way before the season even begins.  Spring is the time of year where we come out of hibernation. Think about it. If we lived according to nature and like the animals—we would be getting ready to come out of our caves. Hopefully, the winter blues didn’t affect you that much and you were able to be cozy, eat warm, nourishing foods, and slow down a bit. If you had to fight off the winter blues you may be even more ready to crawl out of your cave, shed layers and go outside to play.


That first hint of sunshine always gets us excited for the warmer days. And it’s been one long, cold winter, no? Are you ready to shed your heavy coat and layers of clothing, and put on something more colorful and lighter? Let’s put a little spring in your step (no pun intended,) with these five fabulous things to do to get ready for Spring. Five actions that will make you feel amazing, give you more energy, vitality, and much more self-confidence.


Skin Care

How is your skin? Dry? Flakey? Have you been getting pedicures all winter long or are you heels not quite up to par? Not quite ready for sandals? Feeling a bit sluggish? How has the diet been while you were hanging out in the cozy cave? Needing to get back into an exercise routine? How is your mood? Have you been talking positively to yourself?


We need loads of hydration during the winter. The cold air wrecks havoc on our skin. When you are prepping your skin for a change in seasons, it is wonderful to do a head-to-toe exfoliator. Using an exfoliator removes all of the dead skin cells and makes your skin more supple and smooth. It also gets the circulation going and stimulates collagen, which helps your skin stay firm and radiant. Doesn’t that sound nice? There are many exfoliators on the market with different degrees of abrasions, from light exfoliation to heavy. 


I prefer a heavy exfoliation when I am getting ready for a change of seasons and then I switch to a lighter one, more of a medium weight throughout the season. I like to do my exfoliation once a week right when I first get into the shower or bath. It feels amazing.


You can make your own exfoliator, which is fun to do and gives you the control of how abrasive you want it to be. Make sure you use the best natural ingredients. Remember this is your skin, the largest organ of your body. You can use Himalayan pink sea salt, sugar, or coffee grinds as your scrubbing agent. They are all great. Coffee is said to stimulate and help with the appearance of cellulite. If cellulite is a concern, you may want to try coffee grinds. Make many batches with different ingredients. Have fun and get creative! You may love it so much you decide to make them as gifts for your squad. 


Kirsten’s Uber Fab Body Scrub:

  • (2) Cups of Organic Raw Sugar
  • (1) Cup of Cold Pressed, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    You may not need the full cup. Play with a little bit at a time until you get the desired consistency.
  • (5-10) Drops of Essential Oil
    Note: Amount of drops depends on how aromatic you like your scrub. Essential oils help with your mood, so use a citrus for more uplifting or a lavender for more calming. Play with it if you’d like—you can get woodsy, floral scents. Have fun and make a different batch every time. 


Put the body scrub in a container of your choice. I like the wide-mouth short glass jars which you can purchase at most markets or container-like stores. Use once a week in the shower or bath on wet skin.


Take your time and relish self-care. Massage and exfoliate each part of your body with great care. This is sooooooo great for your lymphatic system and circulation.



Changing of the seasons is a perfect time for a detox or cleanse. Whether you are ready for a full on detox, cleanse or not incorporating cold, slow pressed juices into your routine—it is a major plus for your life force. Raw fresh juice delivers increased vitamins and minerals into your diet, decreases inflammation (an inflamed body is the root of all disease), increases energy and protects against disease (by decreasing inflammation). You want to be feeling your best so you can enjoy spring!!!


I love all kinds of juice. Have fun with it and experiment with different fresh, organic, local (if possible) produce. Here’s one of my go-to recipes, which I make at least a few times a week.


Kirsten’s Ginger Beet Apple Lift Off

  • 1 Quarter Knob of Fresh Ginger
  • 2 Beets
  • 1 Apple (I like a sweet one like Fuji or Honeycrisp)


Slice all ingredients into smaller chunks, even if your juicer has a large feeding chute. I like to take the time slicing—it gets me in a zen zone.


Slowly add the sliced ingredients into your juicer.


This should make enough for two large shots. Drink immediately! ☺


Kirsten Cantley | Blog: Five Things To Do To Get Ready For Spring - Yoga Twist Poses


Exercise is one of the key factors in maintaining not only good physical health, but mental health. Choose exercises you love and try many. Do many on a monthly basis to keep it interesting. I believe that Yoga is part of the fountain of youth. It detoxes your body as you move through the poses, and creates beautiful flexibility and a suppleness to your skin. 


I am certified in Ansura Yoga and would like to share a sweet, short session you can do a few times a week to get your body moving. The twist poses are especially good for detoxing. Imagine wringing out a sponge. This is what the twists are doing for your organs. Oh-so-good!!!!!!


Twisty Moves for a Spring Reset

The first three are the easiest, most gentle. With each pose, close your eyes and take in three deep belly breaths, blowing out through the mouth. Repeat this on the other side and to each pose three times. 

  • Seated Twist
  • Easy Twist
  • Supine Twist (my absolute fav!)
  • Prayer Twist
  • Dragonfly Twist (this is for my yoga superstars who have a regular practice)


A New Outfit

Nothing puts a spring in your step more than finding a new outfit that makes you feel great. For that springtime vibe, opt for something colorful and flowing. A maxi dress or baby doll dress is so great for spring with a pair of fabulous sandals. (I am assuming you have already done your exfoliator and gotten a pedicure ☺)


Social, Social, Social

Did you know that people with strong social connections are happier and live longer? People who feel more connected with others have lower rates of anxiety and depression. We are social creatures and our social connections are vital to having great mental health! So I hope this information gives you a license to plan loads of fun with your friends at spring events!! Brunches, exercising together, museums and gallery days with high tea afterwards, or a matcha at your favorite haunt. The list goes on and on. Dinners al fresco when the weather gets warmer.


Now that’s five fabulous things to get you ready for Spring! As always, be kind to yourself, do loads of self-care and create the life that you want on your terms. Happy Spring!!




Kirsten Louise Cantley
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