Holistic Therapy for Women

Holistic therapy attempts to address an individual’s process of growth and self-discovery in terms of their mind, body and spirit. It’s a method to foster a much higher self awareness when discussing issues of depression, anxiety, relationship troubles, and/or low self-esteem. The ultimate goal of our holistic approach is to retain balance in all the different aspects of one’s life, so the entire person is addressed in treatment and not just one aspect of the person. Through bodywork and talk therapy, women can find their voices and help to identify their source of strength and happiness. We promote the mind/body connection and influence energy fields within the human body that affect one’s physical and mental health for overall well-being.

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Women’s Issues

Women face many common challenges as they go about their day to day lives. However, many women are affected by these experiences very differently. When administering this type of therapy for women’s issues, it is important to tailor an approach customized for the scenarios that occur for each woman.  Our role is to provide a safe and understanding space for women to feel comfortable lowering their guard and talking about life’s daily concerns, stressors, and resolve any questions surrounding one’s personal identity as a woman.


No one escapes the dark cloud of depression and for women it can usually be tenfold between their daily pressures and experiences. Holistic therapy is an avenue to provide support as we promote the healing of hopelessness, low motivation and energy, sadness, irritability, sleep disturbance, and loss of interest and pleasure in life. Depression is often categorized as a mental disorder, but it affects so many of us. Your feelings are validated and our therapeutic techniques help to analyze persistent sadness or lack of interest in participating in everyday pleasures and enjoyable activities. Holistic therapy exceeds the standard form of therapy because we use our expertise to talk through the pain points and do not rely heavily on prescription medications to get to the route of any issues. We go beyond traditional to peel back the layers.

Entrepreneur Mental Health

Entrepreneur mental health affects countless women who are running households, business, and are creating empires and a life reflective of ‘having it all’. The beauty is that the power does lie with you, but with great power, comes great responsibility. And that’s more pressure on the routine which comes with the territory of womanhood.  Holistic therapy is a dynamic way to process through all of the emotional highs and lows that entrepreneurs commonly go through. It will help to assess the true definition of one’s values and explore how those values will have a heavy impact on the decisions which are being made for business purposes and in all areas of life.


Assertiveness is a quality many of us women strive for but never fully reach it. Why? Because so many people in our lives are dependent on us and oftentimes we put everyone else’s needs before our own. When it comes to mental health, it is important to be empowered enough to prioritize your needs as well. This will only make you more indestructible for yourself and for others as you carry on throughout your life. Certain things women feel like they have no control, which creates chaos of the mind, but by practicing how to set and maintain boundaries, we can explore why it can be more challenging to stand up for oneself in certain situations over others.


True burnout happens to the best of us. Overwork, overthinking and too much stress oftentimes leads to physical or mental collapse. High levels of professionalism, toxic relationships, poor conditions at home, all can absorb the fuels and energy needed to function in everyday life. Managing and recovering from these types of stressors is important so you do not feel a decreased sense of motivation and/or disconnection from your own self; practicing effective self-care and finding ways to relax both physically and mentally will help to reduce the potential for burnout.

Mind Body Connection

Mind-body connection means the relation between a person’s thoughts, attitudes, and behaviors and their physical health. Thoughts and actions are always linked together, even if it’s subconscious. One’s emotions heavily influence overall health and longevity. Bridging the gap of mindfulness on how the body physically feels and maintains activity plus how your brain functions mentally, leads to full spiritual healing and recovery of your well-being.

It is our mantra that all areas of life are interconnected. Therefore, we stream multiple avenues for us to focus on so we are able to help you reach your full desire self purpose. Our holistic therapy services the complete individual on their  journey to complete wellness. By connecting with us, we can transform your health and happiness through mind, body and soul. With the strength of our community our professionals empower people through innovative individual and family therapeutic counseling. Our dedication to offering full services meeting a woman’s needs in every way possible will be your guiding hand.

We would like to welcome you and we look forward to taking the first steps in the holistic therapeutic healing process. To set up a complimentary consultation for an overview of our services and the options available to you, please give us a call.

Thoughts become behaviors. A holistic, integrative approach to therapy combines different strategies to talk through your specific issues and find short and long-term solutions that promote wellness. Empower yourself, your relationships, your life.


When you’re in the throws of anxiety or depression, psychotherapy can seem like an intimidating, almost impossible undertaking. But making this commitment to yourself is the key to making life less intimidating and more manageable.


An important note:  The primary goal is to experience personal growth and fulfillment, to use the tools we offer every single day in every single encounter you have. Let’s connect and begin the healing process.