Kirsten CantleyTestimonials

“Most importantly, Kirsten has taught me how to replace the negative thought patterns with positive confirmations, look at what is true reality and what isn’t and tools to help me stay grounded. Kirsten helped me see the events in my life that has eroded my confidence and self image while encouraging me to be a much stronger, confident and a self loving person within myself. Kirsten supports a holistic approach that considers the whole person-mind, body and spirit. I am blessed to have found a person who helps me with the tools needed to maintain my balance and embrace my new beginnings.” – J.S.

“Everything can be taken from a man but… the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances.” –  V.H.

“Kirsten is a very kind, empathetic & very knowledgeable therapist. She has helped me through so much with all of my life changes: Empty Nester, going through a divorce, low self-esteem, turning 50 etc. She has helped me so much I would be lost without her.” – H.P.

“I requested Kirsten’s help a little over a year ago for my daughter and myself. At that time I was in a low place. I had recently gotten divorced from a pretty controlling narcissistic male. I had known him more than 20 years of my life, had been off and on with him before I married him. Well long story short after my divorce I harbored a ton of guilt. He lied and cheated and was verbally and emotionally and even at one point even physically abusive. Yet I was convinced it was my fault. Even after the divorce was final I continued to listen to his negativity about myself. Kirsten helped get me out of this mindset. Not only did she help me get out of it but she helped me “REFUSE” to ever go back to it. Teaching me how to vibrate my energy at a higher frequency. Since then I stand up for myself and my daughter. I have regained my voice and use it often. Life is no longer heavy for me. I enjoy it! I welcome it!!! I have even moved on to a new relationship with a wonderful man. I consistently recommend her to everyone I know and even to those I dont know. She has truly changed my life!” – J.S.