What’s In Your Recipe?

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What’s In Your Recipe?

The other day I had meatballs for lunch. I woke up the next morning and started thinking about meatballs and how every recipe is different. Then I started thinking about how everyone’s life is different and how every life is a different recipe. And if we accept that everyone’s meatball recipe is different and no one seems to have a problem with it than why can’t it be alright and acceptable to have a different life recipe than your neighbor?


Sometimes, we as humans, get the notion in our head that if we don’t behave like our neighbor, think like our neighbor, look like our neighbor, and have the same things as our neighbor that we are less than our neighbor. This is simply not true. These kinds of thoughts and feelings only create shame, worthlessness, sadness, and perhaps even some anger. All of these emotions can create depression. It is alright to have a different recipe for your life.


The first step is to come to accept yourself. Grow within yourself. Take time to find out who you really are at your core. What do you like to do? What makes your soul fill with joy? Try new things. If you already know yourself and you know who you really are at your core but you are afraid to let people know that your recipe is different then start to take small steps every day to be who you are without fear and stand in your light. The more you do this the better and stronger you will feel about yourself. Doing all of these things creates worth, self-esteem, happiness, and you become centered. You start to attract people more like yourself, who share similar recipes. Pretty soon you will be wanting to share your meatball recipe with the world.

Kirsten Louise Cantley
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